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"Why is it we want so badly to memorialize ourselves? Even while we're still alive. We wish to assert our existence, like dogs peeing on fire hydrants. We put on display our framed photographs, our parchment diplomas, our silver-plated cups; we monogram our linen, we carve our names on trees, we scrawl them on washroom walls. It's all the same impulse. What do we hope from it? Applause, envy, respect? Or simply attention, of any kind we can get?"
Margaret Atwood: The Blind Assassin

Female. Finnish. No longer a teenager (except mentally).

A bookworm with a very short attention span. A hopeless romantic, when she’s not trying to be a cynic. Insanely curious about other people’s business. Completely paranoid. A dramaqueen, and a procrastinator extraordinaire.

Everything relating to real life is locked, but new friends are welcome.

Credit when credit's due
My moodtheme is by spinners_end. The header is from a photograph taken by me, with additional lyrics.
Credit for icons is given here.

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